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Professional Learning Opportunities

Online. No-Cost.

UDLA is pleased to offer these no-cost professional learning opportunities. These courses, hosted on, are self-paced and offer numerous opportunities to explore resources, test learning, and reflect on practice.

These courses have been created with assistance from members of the CA UDL Coalition, including Santa Clara County Office of Education and the Supporting Inclusive Practices program.

The videos derived from the live UDL Boot Camp were funded by the California Department of Education, Special Education Division

UDL in Under 60 Minutes

Interested in UDL but pressed for time? This introductory course has been designed to succinctly and effectively communicate why UDL is so important to 21st-century education, the core tenets of what UDL is and is not, and how to begin your UDL journey.

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UDL Boot Camp Online

Based on our 2-day in-person workshop, this course will support participants to learn everything they need to begin their UDL journey. The course contains content in a variety of formats, review exercises to reinforce learning, and quizzes to ensure you have the foundational knowledge to move through the sections.

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