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Universal Design for Learning Academy

A multi-tiered system of support for individuals, schools, and districts
seeking to implement Universal Design for Learning.

Don’t change the learner, change the learning.


Teach all students in your classroom, including those that can be the hardest to reach.

Reach all the students

UDLA provides resources and training for Universal Design for Learning (UDL). UDL is a framework for addressing learner variability so that more students are served in the general education classroom.

Curriculum design/adaptation

UDLA trainings support the lesson planning process and help shift your ideas about what curriculum can be and how to get there over time.

Gradual implementation

Training and practice helps you slowly implement over time so that you aren’t overwhelmed but can slowly build towards mastery. As you improve in your implementation, your instruction and design will be more effective.

Empower students to own their learning and become lifelong learners.

Stuck in a model that relies on you to drive the learning?

UDLA trainings will expand your thinking about instruction and your role in the classroom.

Get strategies that increase motivation and shift the drivers of learning to the students

UDL is a research-based framework that places great emphasis on building self-directed learners. Learners will explore the factors that drive motivation and how those can be leveraged in the classroom.

UDL breaks down barriers and provides the gateway for equity and access for all marginalized learners. With the self-paced courses, educators can learn how to UDL-ize curriculum and assessments for students without delay!

Kristin Brooks

Executive Director, Riverside County Office of Education, Supporting Inclusive Practices


Support your teachers to reach their goals.

Need to level up to support your teachers in reaching all students?

UDLA provides PD that not only teaches UDL but allows for coaches to practice how they might support teachers in the field.

Join a Growing UDL Community

Learn alongside fellow coaches in a collaborative online learning environment. Share ideas, insights, and get feedback from your peers.

Learn through your work

Engage in authentic practice to support teachers in their UDL implementation – look for UDL in practice, provide mastery-oriented feedback, and collaboratively develop goals for implementing UDL in the classrooms you support.

The UDLA modules provide teachers and administrators opportunities to deepen their understanding of the principles of UDL and supports “ALL” students in the classroom with equal access to core instruction.

Fred Cochran

SJCOE Coordinator for Continuous Improvement and Support


Increase grad rates and achievement scores.

Help teachers better support all students in the general education classroom.

UDLA has PD and resources on UDL

Have limited staff development options?

UDLA is has a variety of PD options to support your implementation, including in-person workshops, online courses for teachers and coaches, and an extended blending learning model for school teams to drive implementation at the site level.

Keep your teachers where they want to be – in the classroom!

"UDL: Getting Started" is an online course that can be completed in short chunks – between 30 and 50 minutes. Teachers can complete modules during prep periods or early release time, then apply their learning to their work before beginning the next module.

Implement something that “sticks.”

Increase your knowledge in implementation practices.

UDLA has technical assistance and PD options that guide teams through the stages of implementation.

Need more buy-in from your teachers?

UDLA has options that support self-directed learners (resources, automated course) to more those that prefer more structure and guidance (in-person workshops, moderated online course work).

Gather stakeholder input and gain support.

UDLA has technical assistance to support implementation, including guidance on communication plans and how to engage stakeholders in a universally designed way.

UDLA reflects UDL in content and inclusive design to build our understanding and extend our application of how to intentionally design practices to engage all students to be expert learners in quality inclusive environments.

Sung Park

Inclusion Training Specialist, Inclusion Collaborative, Santa Clara County Office of Education